Face it! Merkel, NWO operative & puppeteer, was sent & instructed to destroy Germans, Germany, & Europe!

Poor Germans! Angela Merkel is not a German, but a Polish ghetto survivor that hates Germany and loves the Internationale of her Globalist Masters. She is an active participant in finalising the destruction begun with the Banksters’ WW1 and WW2 of the German nation and her German tribes. She didn’t only snatch away the German flag during a political campaign from the hands of one of her political lackeys on stage, she is fully busy and engaged to mongrelise Germans with Africans, Arabs, and others, in order to destroy Western culture and the power of Christianity by dousing it with millions of Mohammedan immigrants.

Lets face it. She is a Christ-hating Marxist who hates German and Christian culture, and wants to fully take away the very last vestiges of the left-over post-Modernist campaigns by all her Cultural Marxist buddies, and founders, and financial billionaire bully sponsors, like George Soros!

That is what is really happening! And it is not just happening to Germany, but to Italy, Holland, Belgium, France,Sweden Denmark, UK, and all other countries of Europe, except perhaps to the ones who are wise to her and pother like her plans, like Hungary, Poland, Check Republic, Slovakia, and some others. The DE-nationalisation campaign is under way with millions of people from UN-Christian nations flooding and replacing the original Europeans by the design of the Cultural Marxist billionaire bankers who have a globalist worldview where smart post-Christian Europeans just don’t fit into their plan.

And it is not totally the Bankers fault. The Europeans let them talk themselves out of their heritage, faith, Magna Carta, civil rights, freedom, renaissance, independence, etc. by the propaganda of the Banksters, called the so-called Mainstream media. As a result they became fat and selfish, didn’t want to stick with their families, sacrificed their children to Mammon and Education (mass indoctrination) and even killed millions of their own babies in their wombs! Incredible then that they don’t have enough children to run the economy of their globalist masters and corporations? No! they helped them by euthanizing themselves out of existence! So don’t complain Europeans!

IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT! Of course the Marxist Liberal dupes of the propaganda are happy and gloating in what they consider attaining their hedonistic freedom and lawlessness, not realising they will be the first expendables of the masters to get rid of, in some of the-by-them organised World Wars, vaccin-induced epidemics, or man-made disasters, or sprayed by Chemtrails, and fed by genetically modified foods, or by their pesticides genocided bee-starved famines!

Don’t complain Europeans! You threw out your faith, independent thinking, liberty, and independence from Big Government when you threw out your Saviour Jesus Christ and His benevolent salvation and influence, while you freely signed up for their Big Brother Nanny State surveillance by corporate-run and CIA-funded Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. and other snooping organs that will take the last freedom you had, fully away!

For the poor small minority of European children of God left over from globalist propaganda and persecution, there is not much good news to give than get ready for the last rough ride and this ultimate last Greatest Persecution of all time which WILL end with the blessed return of Jesus Christ from the air, IF we will be able to discern and escape the coming Antichrist deception of a fake Christian New World Religion that will try to seduce God’s children to forsake the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

And therefore the “Spirit and the true bride of Christ will say, with the Book of Revelation, “Come! Come quickly Lord Jesus!” For He will be our only salvation from the wicked evil forces now operating in Europe already, and finally all over the world. And we shall be hated of all nations, and then shall the end come.

See you in the airlift! Keep the faith brethren!


French Riots Erupt in 20 cities

EXCLUSIVE: Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George Soros

Replacement Migration: Average IQ Scores Dropping Across Europe

‘PC GONE MAD’ University adds wall of diversity as founding fathers gallery ‘intimidating’

Had enough of Merkel? One-third of Bavarians want to become INDEPENDENT from Germany

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Angela Merkel rejects refugee limit for Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to place an upper limit on refugees that the country accepts, speaking in an annual interview broadcast on Sunday.

Distancing herself from the position of her conservative Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), Merkel, who leads the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said placing a limit on refugees was not the way forward.

“As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it,” she said, saying that numbers could be reduced by regulation and taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.

That position places her in conflict with CSU leader Horst Seehofer who threatened not to enter into coalition without an annual upper limit for refugee numbers.

In the wide ranging interview, Merkel said she hoped to work with NATO to resolve a widening gulf between Turkey and Germany.

Turkey NATO base access

Last week, Turkey refused to give German lawmakers access to Bundeswehr troops serving on AWACS surveillance planes at the NATO base in Konya which had been scheduled for Monday. Turkey asked for a delay, citing the tense state of German-Turkish bilateral relations.

Merkel refused to link the issue of extradition of Turkish asylum seekers with access to Konya in talks with Ankara. She said the two issues were completely unrelated. The question of asylum and the right to visit German troops have “nothing, but nothing to do with each other,” Merkel said.

“Before we draw conclusions, we should first wait for talks and discuss these things with NATO’s help,” Merkel said.

“This whole issue is unfortunate, very unfortunate,” Merkel said on Sunday.

Germany has already moved troops away from Incirlik airbase to Jordan after Turkey refused access to German parliamentarians and focus has now shifted to a NATO air surveillance mission at Konya.

NATO’s Secretary General urged the Turkish and German foreign ministers on Friday to resolve their differences over visits to Turkish air bases, part of a wider row between the two allies.



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