The Elite Rulers of the World Are Psychopathic

“Our” leaders are psychopaths! Video by James Corbett. MUST WATCH! How different Jesus Christ was by comparison. He was compassionate and he even wept at the suffering of others, and told others that He himself was meek and lowly in heart. Jesus was not selfish. he sacrificed His life for others, not only on the cross finally, but in his everyday life walking the streets and reaching out to normal lowly people to help them and be saved from their sins and this world. What a great leader Jesus was! He not only love everyone – even his enemies! – but he gave Himself for them and had deep emotions about them. His Holy Spirit is the only thing that can make us like Him!

But the other leaders of this world are psychopaths. That means they are sick in their psyche, and the problem is that they are proud of it and even use it to control and manipulate others even unto suffering, torture and death. Psychopaths are harmful to everyone but the trouble is they manipulate society and corporations to get in charge and to mold society away from empathy, mercy and compassion. These corporate leaders are monsters that think they are models and should be given or have control over the masses, and that is why we have the troubles that we see all around us. Chemtrails, profit making prison systems, death dealing drugs, murderous wars, totalitarian systems that serve them.

I hope that we are not a psychopath, and that love and compassion rules our lives.

Description:They walk among us. On the outside. they’re just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves. They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve into Political Ponerology, a diagnosis of our politicians and a brief look at the bigger picture. CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO



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