Truth Tellers, You Can’t Trust Patreon! It Banned Lauren Southern & Will Ban You Too Eventually. Make an alternative!

You can’t beat the Establishment. You can’t fight City Hall. If Jesus Christ couldn’t beat them, what makes you think that YOU could beat them. Youtube, Facebook, Buzz-feed, PayPal, Patreon, etc. are all part of the globalist establishment, and do you think that they are going to help you fight them? Of course not. They haven’t banned James Corbett or caliber like that yet, but they will. So don’t hold your breath folks. By the way we are not Alt Right nor Alt Left, but Alt Christ and belong to the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, ” IF my kingdom was of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered up to the Jews. But NOW My Kingdom is NOT from here!”

So shun Patreon and start something new, an alternative. There is no other way around it anyway. They are the corporate fascists, the Neocons, the shills of the system, the agents of the Matrix, the betrayers of truth and righteousness, and none of us will go free until Jesus returns. THAT’s how important it is to keep blogging and reaching and feeding HIS Children and truth-seekers.

I don’t support Alex Jones – don’t trust him & he continually interrupts!!! – but this episode is about Mark Dice who exposes the Mainstream Media, the shills, the globalists, and it shows that we can’t trust Youtube, Patreon, Buzzfeed, Twitter, Google, Facebook. YOU CAN NOT TRUST THEM!

Gonz at Face Like The Sun on People are losing trust in the mainstream media (Ignore the Flat Earth deception)


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