Don’t blame the Muslims! W-Europe Committed Infanticide & Suicide

They have lent their ears to their Zionist media for decades and longer, taking in the daily programming of selfish living, degradation of marriage and parenthood, the infanticide of murdering babies in the womb by the millions, and accepting all kinds of vices and filth, as well as hardness of hearts and insensitivity to the suffering of their Arabian and African neighbours caused by their financiers, bankers, generals, and politicians, most of whom were enslaved via blackmail and pedophilia into serfdom to the secret societies that rule from behind the scenes.

Many European young people don’t want to marry anymore, nor want any or many children, and so they are committing national and cultural suicide! So don’t go blaming in on the Arabs and the Africans coming in. Besides their immigration is channeled, financed and organised by the Zionist Left and Zionist financiers like Soros and others and their henchmen ilk in local governments, like Merkel and Macron

So why do Europeans get upset? They themselves sowed the whirlwind and are now reaping the cultural and violent onslaught of the war refugees and economic immigrants of the nations they didn’t care much about. Even right now! Are Europeans interested what Israel is doing to the Palestinians/ What the Americans are doing in Syria and Iraq, killing thousands of civilians in their face-saving airstrikes on Mosul, Raqqa, and other Middle Eastern cities? No! I haven’t seen any national or political mass demonstrations or concern expressed in other ways, like voting behaviour? Have you? Le Pen is anti-American and would have pulled back from the Middle East, but the brainwashed socialist French voted for the Banker boy Macron. So don’t complain? You made your beds and now you must lie in them. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Besides, the Muslims are all too correct in saying: “Europeans love their dogs most and don’t want children! We have loads of children and their children are going to marry ours.” Poor media-deceived Europeans rejected the love, salvation, spiritual freedom, and grace of their Saviour Jesus Christ, and so they are now going to have to live under Zionist Noahide laws and Muslim Sharia Laws! Their rejection of Jesus is going to cost them dearly, not just in the loss of their unique culture of freedom and loving grace and kindness and Magna Carta, and all other good things that came from Christian thought and spirituality, but what happened to scores of countries in the Middle East – who once were real Christians before 600 AD and fell under the Islamic sword — so will they now, AND because they rejected the Love and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross they will also be lost in Hades the ghost world after their demise, except for a miracle of the grace of God where they find salvation in the nick of time because they see the day approaching and find the fear of the Lord and salvation on their death bed.

Poor Europeans! They lost their own precious heritage! Only few European leaders in former Communist Hungary and Poland and some others, really realise the freedom and treasure their heritage, and they get viciously attacked by the Western media stooges and dupes of Cultural Marxism and Zionists like Soros!

Anyone who doesn’t know history is indeed doomed to repeat it and make the same mistakes. Why don’t they learn from formerly Christian Syria, Assyria, Iraq, Egypt, Anatolia, even Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, that all slipped under the Islamic sword of conquest into spiritual darkness? Poor poor European peoples. How you squandered your heritage and freedom! A sad story!

Even Russian State propaganda agrees with some of that assessment. EUROPE! READ AND WEEP!

Soros and EU striving for ‘mixed, Muslimized Europe’, says Hungarian PM Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has hit out at George Soros and the European Union as the statesman’s war of words with the Hungarian-American billionaire continues to escalate.

During a state visit to Romania Orban accused Soros of using the EU in order to create a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe,” according to AP.

The prime minister said that Soros is now more powerful in Brussels than in Washington or Tel Aviv and he argued that European institutions should fight to limit his influence, reported Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

“The European Union, the European Commission must regain independence from the Soros Empire before the billionaire finishes his program for the destruction of the continent,” Orban said in a speech at the 28th Bálványos Summer University event in southern Romania.

The Hungarian stated that reforming Europe can only begin by stopping illegal migration into the EU and that Hungary’s border defenses will help with that effort.

During the speech Orban also pledged that Hungary will support Poland in a row with the EU over its controversial judicial reform plans.

READ MORE: Hungarian PM Orban pledges to support Poland against ‘European inquisition’

“The inquisition offensive against Poland can never succeed because Hungary will use all legal options in the European Union to show solidarity with the Poles,” he said.

Orban and Soros have clashed in the past, most prominently over the Soros-backed Central European University. In June the financier labelled Hungary a “Mafia state” and said he is the target of an “unrelenting propaganda campaign.”

READ MORE: George Soros and Viktor Orbán go to war in Budapest

Orban described the comments as “a declaration of war.”

”The only network which operates in mafia ways, which is not transparent… in Hungary is the Soros network,” he said.

A poll in Sunday’s Magyar Nemzet revealed that 43 percent of Hungarians think Soros is a threat to Hungary. Nearly as many people, 35 percent, said this is not the case.


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