Deep State “Academic” Lichtman Promoting Trump’s Impeachment on Slanted BBC News

A Neo Conservative is an Israeli Zionist that wormed its way into the GOP. Allan Lichtman is a “civil rights” warrior for the Zionist-led SPLC, the Zionist-started NAACP, and he is, of course, like most Zionists Democrats against Donald Trump, and therefore Zionist BBC promotes him to make a “strong” biased case for Donald Trump’s ïmpeachment” IF not indictment of Treason. Do you need to know anything more? (see Wicked Pedia input below)

Lichtman began teaching at American University in 1973, rising to chair of the History Department, and was named Scholar/Professor of the Year in 1993. Outside of the classroom, Lichtman has testified as an expert witness on civil rights in more than 70 cases for the U.S. Department of Justice and for civil rights groups such as the NAACP, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. He also consulted for Vice President Al Gore and Senator Edward Kennedy. He assisted the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights investigation into voting irregularities in Florida during the 2000 election,[11] submitting an extensive report of his statistical analysis of balloting problems. Lichtman concluded “there were major racial disparities in ballot rejection rates”.[12]

I don’t know when elections are coming up, but if Americans want to save their country -which seems impossible given the infiltration – they better start prmoting and voting for real patriots! Like I can’t for the world understand Arizona people supporting John McCain and ilk like him, which is obviously not an American but a ZIonist New World Order puppet, like Lindsey Graham.It’s Not A Joke Anymore: Kid Rock Is Leading Poll For Michigan Senate Race   The Left should probably get ready for another unexpected election loss, because another eccentric conservative celebrity has decided to run for office.

It just shows how brainwashed most Americans really are, and how little Holy Spirit discernment the Zionist US Evangelicals actually have, that still hold on to Scofield Zionist Israel Bible interpretations about the Seed of Abraham. What a mess! They dig their own downfall as the 5th column for Israel that these Zionist Christians really are, and therefore they have this fealty and loyalty to all dual passport Israeli Zionists that lie to them in their Zionist media, while their pudits and puppets destroy their faith on TV, Hollywood and radio, blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ!

Poor American patriots! They are like the mule that was shipped per freight train. The conductor said, He don’t know where he came from, nor where he is going, for he done chawed his tag!” What a mess. The only result of all this will be the support of a merchant president, as the Whore Babylon stands accused of doing in Revelation 18, and a civil war with the Lefties who are the real collusionists or colluders with the Russian Marxist Banker state, as we know from the interview with Tom Fife, where in 1992 Russian Academy of Science representatives were loose lipped and predicted the election of a Black President called Barak! [See link]

The Evangelicals don’t seem to smell that the Devil always accuses others what he himself is guilty of, and therefore if you are a dim Zionist Evangelical, please don’t watch this video, because you might fall for it and actually believe lying propagandist Allan Lichtman, an obvious fake water-bearer for the New World Order Deep state!

CIVIL WAR: Dark Clouds Are Gathering Over America

JOLLY ROGER, GOV’T SLAVES–The best way, and possibly the only way, to defeat an indigenous, armed population of three hundred million people, is to …

US Congress following Israeli anti-Iran agenda: Pundit

Congress does not trust the president

the vote by Republicans to bind the hands of a president from their own party is extraordinary

Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC): There was a government trying to interfere with the election. It was the US government trying to ensure Hillary Clinton was the next president.

Russian meddling is Watergate-worthy, but Israeli meddling is hunky-dory!

The investigation of Russia’s meddling in our politics dominates the liberal press; and for my part, I believe everything The New York Times and MSNBC are suspicioning about Donald Trump and the Russians. I bet that the Russians have something on Trump personally, possibly involving money or sex; and that the Russians meddled in our election. (Not that the meddling changed the outcome; no, Hillary Clinton did a great job of losing it on her own.)

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One of two men convicted in the first of several trials stemming from a 2014 standoff led by renegade rancher Cliven Bundy against federal … THAT IS A DRACONIC SENTENCE FOR STANDING UP AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT AND POLICE STATE!

The Pentagon Is Actively Poisoning Americans Across The US And It’s 100% ‘Legal’

RACHEL BLEVINS–The idea that a government is actively poisoning its citizens may sound like the perfect propaganda plot to send the mainstream media into …



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