Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit

Sandy Hook? Handy Snook? Candy Brook? Ban Die Gun! Outlandie Fun! Sneaky Stun! Son of a Gun! Boston Marathun? Moston Baritone? Legless Veteran? Smiling amputee? Losing no blood? Siree? You ought to have fainted! I think you are tainted. You lie for the devil. You hireling evil!

Thus far my poetic gift. Thanks for bearing with me. But this guy is very funny! And his humour is hard hitting. Sad that it only gets to a few aware Americans. Most of them Muricans are asleep. Even the so-called “Christians” are still watching CNN. They still haven’t given up their TV sets. haven’t they read, “he that forsakes not ALL that he has, can not be my disciple?” I mean if they cannot even give up their TV set and their daily shots of programming, how will they give up their lives when 666 comes?

This is one heaven of a crisis actor. I am sure though that he won’t get hired. They might frame him though in some shooting by some fake psycho drug-ridden Ayrab to get Murricans to hate Mohammedans even more. But in the meantime he has and does and will inspire more of us to take our faith serious and endure to the end. Sometimes news blogging can get a bit wearisome, especially when you look at the small numbers of truth-seekers. I only get about 200-250 per day, but I guess it is like the story of the starfish: “It made a difference for those 250!”

How about you!? How many people are you influencing daily with the truth and with the GOSPEL, not to forget! You could blog too you know, and reach your friends and families at least? Did you know this is only ONE of our THREE BLOGS we do every day? What are you doing for the Lord? I hope lots more than me. God bless you if you are. Well at least we are saved, for it is not for browny points we serve. God bless us all! Watch and weep. “For deceivers and the deceived will grow worse and worse!”




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