Economic Expert Exposes Collapse is Near – Coming to a city near you!

How do you prepare for the end of the world? Well, right now it is not yet the end of the world, but we are getting awfully close to the end of the financial system, and that is going to affect all of us. This lady and SGT report are dreaming about a day that enough people will wake up and will shake the Banksters evil reign, but according to the prophecies most people are easily deceived and therefore them waking up is a vain pipe dream.

And so you and i have to somehow get ready and prepare for money Doomsday, as it always has happened throughout history, Most recently of course in 1929, 1971-74, and the grand theft of 2008, it is going to happen again, but this so-called reset is going to be worse than anything we have ever experienced and it will affect everybody worldwide. Listen to this video and glean some things you can do to prep for this wiping out of humanity’s assets. Which is the old story, real value, gold and silver, and goods, even toilet paper and alcohol can be traded in times when it just is not available anymore.

This finance lady gives the example of the Venezuelan Bolivar currency, where one oz of gold was 169 B. for a long time, but now it is worth 10,000 Bolivar. THAT is going to happen everywhere, when the pooh hits the fan. Fiat currencies will reset to the gold standard after the US Dollar dies. WATCH THIS & PRAY TO GOD THAT HE MAY GIVE US ALL WISDOM AND GUIDANCE! Trust in God, not in the “almighty” Dollar, nor in Gold! Jesus still saves. Got Jesus?





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