Good Riddance InvestmentWatchBlog! Your AdBlock Block Keeps Me From Your Asinine Headlines & Tabloid Style! Thanks!

fake I had long been having issues with InvestmentWatchBlog sensational headlines, like:

  • “OMG! Hear What Trump Said” or
  • “This is Huge! Guess What Democrats Were Hiding!” or
  • “Incredible! How Journalist Destroyed CNN Lemon”

Thanks IWB, this way I won’t have to watch some asinine video anymore with one picture and a boring voice painfully slow explaining the story, which is no story!” I hated every moment of it. Like as soon as NewsNetWork headlines, or whatever it is called, this youtube channel with these loud fireworks intros and Gary Franchi trying to get another hit on his Youtube channel for money, I already turned it off!

All these people seem to be more into the money making business than presenting good news. THey are some other kind of fake news outlet. So when InvestmentWatchBlog put a gatekeeper script on their website to prevent you from watching their news until you turned off your add block, I was actually thankful. Now I KNOW it is alternative tabloid style IWB before I enter it. Such an irritating gold digger site without hardly any real alternative power.

Same thing happened with this supposedly popular American headline aggregator Drudge Report. I don’t like many of its headlines anyway as they lead me to the Daily Mail, or some other Mainstream Poison Spreader. I don’t know why people are so enamoured with Drudge. he is like a mix between MS Media and Alt Media, for those half-awake people who still need their Fake Media shots. I don’t want to open CNN? Or NBC? Or the Guardian cult? Spare me please! I hate those outlets. I am sure they have sometimes some true story, but I can get that somewhere else too!

Anytime some half wit so-called Alternative site goes for the money, i turn off, and stick with the truth tellers like myself. i don’t put up some pay-wall, or take-my-adds-or-leave policy. Who do they think they are?

So thanks IWB. I don’t have to enter your watered down fake alt news anymore, and I just hope that does not do such a stupid thing, because they have real news lines, except when Rivero links to these “This Is Huge!” IWB style irritating headlines and watered down videos of Gary Frenchy the parrot! Sorry, but you lost me guys! Gold diggers!


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