Milo & Alex Jones Lovely Politically IN-correct Stinging Unscripted Satire Will Make You Laugh! What a Pleasure: Live TV!

Comedy Central has nothing on them as bland and edited in advance as they are. This is raw conservative satire (certainly not Christian! You’re warned!) – ripping apart the politically correct Marxist wannabe-s and Leftist control freaks, and scripted Media, and serious Luciferian deep state. I loved almost most of it and really made me laugh. (No matter that I am really not a great fan of bombastic Jones, and even though he backwaters on 9-11 inside job blaming it on the Saudis and Israeli involvement, and knocks Muslims!) They had an orgasm of enjoyment together, especially ripping apart the Newsweek Wet Dream Edition that actually got into print, of ” Hillary’s Successful Election as President”, that never was. What a joke! Shows that it wasn’t the Russians!

You must watch this. Even though in the long run these Globalists are going to win and OUR heads are going to roll, we can have a little bit of schadenfreude at the expense of the Liberals who are NOT liberal at all, and the Social Justice Warriors who hate Justice, and the “Democrats” that are actually fascist collectivist totalitarians to the cores of their evil hearts.

ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! AND LAUGH YOUR HEART OUT BEFORE THE UNITED STATES CRASHES, and the entire world economy crashes with it, and World War 3 breaks out that will out-gross World War 1 & 2 together. MAYBE THE BANKERS WILL SUCCEED TO KILL A BILLION PEOPLE THIS TIME! I wouldn’t put it past the EVIL Illuminutties and BLOOD THIRSTY Satan worshippers. They love blood and gore, AL Gore, and ALL gore! Hell will be too good for them.

This is what the TAP had to say about the interview:

Milo and Alex examine the fake NewsWeek President Clinton Magazine page by page.

Yes, I know, 1 hour 30 mins, and who has the time unless you sit and paint, but it is an antidote to the BBC, CNN gang.
Milo and Alex pull the establishment snowflakes to pieces. It’s lovely politically incorrect stuff. Yes, you have to tolerate the InfoWars food supplement adverts, but it’s a free market and at least they are trying to promote some health awareness; better than the BBC.
The most extraordinary thing is Milo paging through the NewsWeek magazine which was designed, published and then pulled, announcing President Hillary Clinton. The fake news story scenario is taken to surreal levels of absurdity, yet the BBC push Russian silliness every day…

The Bill Clinton rape alarm whistles.
UK ‘comedian’ John Oliver is such a twit.
Alex fancies Glen Beck!
Would Milo bed Michelle Obama?
Call in to Jewish Milo about Jewish control…
these characters do it live, unedited, unscripted, unvetted calls, warts ‘n’ all.

e.g. a hard copy is selling for $2,000 on eBay:

Added extra:
Milo Yiannopoulos Vs Chelsea Handler (Donald Trump Debate) 2017


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