What the Media Won’t Tell You About North Korea – VDO [A channel worth watching!]

After North Korea was decimated, the USA allowed Communist North Korea to stay in existence, as it stopped general McArthur from conquering it (and China!) during the Korean War. He was not allowed to cross the demarcation line. This video brings out other aspects of how N.K is in fact controlled opposition. ALL divided nations, N & S. Korea, N. & S. Vietnam, E & W Germany, China & Taiwan, “Capitalist” West & “Communist” East Blocks in Europe, were all created by the World Elite during and after World War 11, BY DESIGN. Why? To DIVIDE AND CONQUER and to ensure perpetual conflicts as milk cows for all the lucrative defense industries – Sorry I mean WAR industries! The fattest cash cows of the bankers. War is profit. More money to squander on globalisation propaganda & cultural marxist Media to brainwash your propagandised minds.


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