9-11 Conspirers’ Foreknowledge & Guilt Exposed By Following The Money – Cui Bono!

And we can assure you that Osama Bin Laden did NOT profit anything from the trillions of dollars and gold begotten by the conspirers during and after the controlled demolition of the three towers WTC1, WTC2, WTC7. The financial manipulations via banking software and gold stolen from the underground vaults, as well as manipulations of the stock markets. This financial profit is one of the greatest proofs that the Money Changers are ultimately behind the staging of this attack on the WTC. Of course the financiers used Israeli and American secret service operatives to set up the attacks, to do the dirty work. Even Nat Rockefeller confessed to Aaron Russo that an event was coming that would result in a so-called fake “War on Terror!” that would be a war without end, and would help to take away the liberties and rights of the people in the world, as everyone from then on was potentially a “terrorist!” The only way we would ever regain our stolen freedoms and nations is by a final expose of these criminals. WATCH AND PRAY!



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