Mark Dice Feeds Killary Clinton & Katy Turd a Taste of Their Own Infernal Medicine!

Mark Dice is the best political satire on the net and he really takes Katy Tur(d) to town over her disingenuous capers regarding Trump. And for the record I don’t support Trump NOR Hillary, as they are products of propaganda and malfeasance. I would have supported Ron Paul – PERHAPS – if he had a genuine chance to overcome Media bashing and Media exclusions from debates, and their anti Paul propaganda. HE was the real threat, and they demolished him. That is why I believe the Powers That Shouldn’t Be somehow allow Trump to use him in some mischievous way to divide American even further. And it is working!

Of course! The system can not be beat with less than supernatural means, as they have all the money to throw at what they want and like, which is HELL! Watch dear Mike shred the pathetic system puppets put to shame and tears! Ha! Go go go Mark Dice, it is not Christian what you do, but HEY they deserve a taste of their own infernal medicine. Demolish them before they turn on us and rend us. And believe me they will, with guns blazing. The end is soon. But we will go on.. to eternal vistas and I am sorry for them that they are going somewhere else for an awful loooooooooooong time. Self-chosen soul destruction because they didn’t love the truth, but depended on lies to achieve their selfish goals and satisfy their enormous greed. Why?

Because God gave them the majesty of choice, and if they decide the prefer to live with their own kind in Hell, what can you or even God do? Override their pathetic choice? He can’t! He would take it away by allowing them to liberate themselves from their self-styled condemnation, to live in the Hell with people of their own kind, eagerly devouring each others spirits in a Hell of their own making. Sad, sad, sad, You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemies, but they choose it. Our of pride, just like STAN, their father. She looks pretty now and innocent, but wait a few more years, she will have the same bitter lines in her complexion as Killary Clinton. Besides, WHEN will this Clinton witch ever give up??? I don’t like to see her selfish face and empty eyes any longer.

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