For super expensive US$ 4.3bn F16 upgrade Taiwan could buy 66 far better Sukhoi 35 jet fighters!

We just learned from a Taipei Times frontpage article that the US Military industrial Complex presented Taiwan with a 4.3 US$ billion bill for the upgrading of the 144 F16 fighters in the island. Those fighters are that much outdated that in a fight with the Russian Sukhoi 35 they would be deftly defeated!

Why is Taiwan still so beholden to the US weapons industry? Are there too many Taiwanese lobbyists that are getting nice cuts when they go for the super expensive upgrade of old planes, while for that same price tag Taiwan could get 66 Sukhoi 35 fighter jets for the same amount of tax payers money? One of these fabulous Sukhoi 35 fighters costs only 65 million US$. Besides, isn’t it time to loosen ties to the failing, warmongering, American Empire that is doing so much damage and genocide all over the world? Why trust America so much? Do you really think they are going to keep their promise to protect Taiwan against Communist China? I am not so sure.

If World war 3 breaks out the USA will be so busy in the Middle East that it has little time and power to protect Taiwan from a full scale invasion. And buying from Russia might get Taiwan a new friend that could mediate for them, in their relationship with China. Russia has been quite fair in their dealings with Syria against Daesh Israel, and the US that supported ISIS, and has pledged itself to respect international law in all its dealings with other countries. Besides, it is promoting a multi-polar world with an appeal to keep legal countries, sovereign! Is that not what the Taiwanese people want? Sovereignty?

They could keep those measly 144 F16 jets as back-ups, to 66 brand-new better planes! And if they don’t need that many Sukhoi’3 35, they can get half of that and spend the rest on other things that Taiwan really needs! What a deal! And what a typical 4.3 billion American rip-off in comparison. Do Taiwanese like to be ripped off by expensive Americans? Of course it remians to be seen if Russia would be willing to sell their SU-35 to Taiwan, as it may hurt their relationship with China. But at least we could try and send a message to the USA that they are way too expensive!

And if you don’t believe that these Sukhoi 35-s  are far superior to the outdated F16 even superior to the F-22 and the latest F-35, have a look at this video.

A comparison of the SU-35 with the Raptor F-22.

Why F-22 and F-35 “America’s” Never Fight Russian SU-35 | | a real Super Maneuverable Fighter

How a Russian 4th Gen Su-35S Will Be Able to Defeat 5th Gen F-22s


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