Americans Murdered by False Flag Elite Assassins (Like 9-11) to Take Away Their Guns &

Las Vegas shooting was a false flag attack! THAT MEANS, the guy that was shot on the 32nd floor was a patsy like Harvey Oswald, while the real murderer (CIA and/or Mossad) was shooting an AK47 from the 4th floor, as you can clearly seen from the video. And the poor deceived Americans just watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and the other mainstream fodder, the whole nine yards, to find out “what really happened.” And so the “terror circus” goes on until they have Martial law when the guns will be forcibly taken away and they – the divided people – will all be fighting against each other. It is a sad story, but it seems that it is on a roll now and cannot be stopped.

The timing of the assasinations couldn’t be better, as Joe Arpaio revealed at the same time at a Press Conference in California that Obama’s birth certificate was INDEED FAKE! Mainstream media did not even mention it, not did most alternative media, because of the false flag terror attack on the American people. (See our article on it below)

Only a few Americans are aware of the increasing genocide and American Revolution (like the Russian Revolution a hundred years ago) where millions will be slaughtered by the Sionist forces that have coiled around the body politic and is squeezing tighter and tighter to get total control. And all the media and government people are helping it right along. I guess Americans somehow deserve it for ignoring God’s warnings and Love for them, so the almighty cannot protect them against themselves and their enemies. “The wicked shall be turned into Hell and all the nations that forget God!” Psalm 89 prophecy by King David being fulfilled.

See the prophecy of 1965 that predicted all this trouble to come over and upon America, the disobedient nation that could have changed the world for the better, but it didn’t!  If America had worshiped the God that made them great in the past,and had not worshiped the merchants and their sorceries instead. (Revelation 18) Now they are subject to the “war of terror” from their own oligarchie and kakistocracy.

People who do not know the history are doomed to repeat it. Too many televisions, movies, fun and games, and “smart” phones while too little reading the Word of God and His warnings. Peolpe seem to forget that they are only here for 60-70 years and that it is over then, and that there is a judgment of the soul. 50 Americans died having fun at a Country Western concert. Shot like fish in a barrel by some secret service operative mass murderer without any conscience whatsoever. Man, did he “have some fun” that night, and after that Hell forever for his soul. Don’t worry, he will get what he deserves, sooner rather than later.

Michael Savage interviews the neighbor of the shooter


This video proves it.  A comment on this video: This plainly proves someone from the 4th floor was shooting from the hotel, it is SO FREAKING BRIGHT no one in a million years could possibly have missed it, no video camera would either, it put flashes across the entire face of the hotel. This is also far brighter than what the people claiming the shooting happened on lower floors are showing as examples.

Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting


Trump Hints at New Gun Control Legislation

Making America great again? Making America afraid again. That’s what happens if a nation lets its government kill millions around the world in scored of countries and their Christian conscience doesn’t kick in to protest against such injustice, because they are not Christian anymore. .

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