When Historical Truth Gets You In Hot Water. Mr. Livingstone, I presume?

Isn’t it amazing how the entire world’s history and powers are still in thrall and spooked by that tiny little ethnic and cultural group called the “Jews” some of whom once were the “chosen people” of the God of three major religions! Just this historical fact should make anyone sit up and take a little closer look at the Bible, Genesis, the Prophets, and of course the Gospels about the real Messiah! HE came right on prophetic schedule and who was murdered according to the prophecies in Isaiah 53, Daniel 9 and 11, and the psalms of King David. Psalm 22 paints a living colour picture of the crucifixion and the feelings of the Man on the cross. “They pierced my hands and feet.” it says even.

But still the bamboozled world refuses to take a second look at the veracity of the true Messiah, his Judaean birthplace and the abrupt END of the entire “chosen people” project by the Roman armies in 70 AD when the promised Land was taken away from the Jews. And you still refuse to believe in Jesus Christ? Well the onus is on you then, to take responsibility for YOUR majesty of choice to forfeit Heaven and damn yourself to your own created Hell on and in Earth. God has given us FREEDOM OF CHOICE and IF He would override it by saving you ANYWAY when YOU chose Hell by refusing Himself as the Saviour, Free Choice would be a total farce. So count your luck, your self. You are indeed “the master of your own fate, bloody but unbowed!” (from the poem Invictus)



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