Paul J. Watson Fights Multiple Vegas Shooters, Hates Muslims – MI5 Operative Working for WW3?

Paul Joseph Watson – Islamophobe dis-info artist – says that any one that thinks that there was more than one shooter in Las Vegas, is “an idiot”. Somehow, despite eye witness accounts and police scanner recordings “confirming” multiple shooters, Watson claims that the “multiple shooters” thesis has been “debunked” – and he says he’s the one who has debunked it. Here’s where we prove that Paul Joseph Watson is 100& wrong. And we wonder, why is he so eager to be a part of the official story’s lone gunman LIE. LINKS: Robert Steele – Las Vegas Was A Zio-Con Operation , MSM Is Complicit & How Trump Should Respond… Audio Analysis of Las Vegas Shooter – Doesn’t add up.… PLEASE support our sponsor! Buy PHYSICAL silver (and gold) from SD Bullion:… Thanks for tuning in. For REAL news 24/7:

Paul Joseph Watson feeds the Hate Islam agenda heavily – more than Jones almost – and is feeding the cause of the Clash of Civilisations World war 3. Is Watson an MI5 agent perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise me. He just came from the UK, out of nowhere without his own platform, many years ago, and has been Jones’ sidekick for quite a few years now. Infowars is dismissing many things or ignoring things like 9-11 inside job, Sandy Hook, that they used to support in the past, but now they major on Saudi Arabia and the 28 lies report, and heavily attacking Islam in many forms, instead of just ISIS and Jihadis. Normal Muslims don’t want war, but it sure sounds like Watson, Jones, and Trump want war for the Neocons and Israel. Controlled opposition?