Troll Spam PROVES Vaccination Deaths, Fukushima Nuke, UFO Volcanic Eruptions Truths

We used to have another, bigger, better, independent WordPress blog with hundreds of daily visits, on our ‘own’ shared server, called the Paradise Post under It was sunk by the Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be by DOS attacks, so that our server overloaded and the Internet provider turned off our site for weeks on end. Finally the website was totally pulled. THAT is why I have been on WORDPRESS these last few years, because WP somehow can withstand such attacks.

Now, ONE of these attackers of the past is STILL today spamming our (now only used as a re-director) hitting on these same FIVE articles in rapid succession eversince 2011, even though they don’t exist anymore. When I I first noticed this troll, he was still hitting me from his own location in Secaucus New Jersey, as I searched out his IP location on Google Earth at the time, leading to some warehouse there, from which they still operate today, except they’ve been using a proxy server in Sweden these last few years. How do I know that? Because they still hit the same five articles they hit since 2011, even though the posts do not exist anymore. Here are the daily stats of the Page URL-s.

75 Hits–-2-centuries-of-official-statistics/
73 Hits
69 Hits
37 Hits

What does that prove to us? That, of course, Big Pharma and the genocidal Eugenicists like Bill Gates, hate and fight anti-vaccination articles as the above, but also that the other 2 posts; one about the mini nuke in Fukushima and/or Tsunami bomb, and the other about evidence of UFO-s pumping electro-magnetic energy into volcanoes to make them active and erupt, must be true as well! Why else would they be spamming and DOS-ing these articles for 6 years on end, in order to decrease our SEO ratings?

To most of our blog guests, I don’t have to explain why our anti-vaccination articles are true and dangerous to Big Pharma and Eugenicists, but I might have to explain more about the other two issues, as they have hardly been covered by other serious alternative news websites, as we consider ourselves to be.

The mini nuke inside an Israeli provided and installed camera inside one of Fukushima’s reactors that blew it up during the tsunami and the possibility of a Tsunami bomb off the coast of Japan under the ocean was first posted by independent researcher Jim Stone, and I carried that news then. If you are interested in that theory adn evidence you can find it at his website It is a very interesting article, the more so that the security at the nuclear plant was provided by an Israeli company. Huh?? Sure, you can check it out for yourself!

But the other article about visually video-recorded sightings of UFO-s hanging above and around several volcanoes even going into the craters of different volcanoes like the Japanese Sakurajima and Mexian Popocatepetl volcano. See videos below and many related ones on Youtube. Now I am not a Ufologist Nibiru conspiracy waffler, but a serious researcher. And around 2011 I researched and wrote about this video evidence of UFOs causing eruptions, and boom I’ve been hit by 6 years of continuous DDS attacks. Why! I guess this “conspiracy” like the vaccination danger one, MUST BE TRUE!

Please disregard the slanted eye Alien Ufologists’ packing of this next video and just watch the Unidentified Flying Objects going in and out and around the Popocatepepl volcano during and around the time of eruptions. It is strange and weird. Why the great interest of the – IMHO – Earth-based and initially Nazi-created flying saucers, unless the Elite control freaks try to purposely destabilise our planet, nature, people, and societies, so as to create more chaos from which they planned long ago to grow a One World Government, ‘Ordo ab Chao’ being their evil Satanic motto.

How DO UFOs Erupt Volcanoes?

UFOs are no alien vehicles although often they are manned by humans and as “alien” masquerading demons, as most Christian researchers know that demons are real and can appear even as, or impersonate, angels of light. Seeing that the Elite is in bed with Satan and his demonic entities this comes as no surprise to many of us. They are not Extra Terrestrial evolutionary beings as they would have us believe. They are terrestrial demons that used to be imprisoned in the Earth and somehow got released via high technology to do dirty work on and above the planet in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The UFOs are based on electro-magnetic energy designed at fist by Nazi scientists before and during World War 2 which was then taken over by the Deep State shadow elite and kept secret since 1945 and vastly improved. I do not believe Steven Greer’s opinion or programming that there are fleshly Aliens visiting our Earth, and I consider him a plan preparing the world for the soon fake “Alien Invasion” that is supposed to save us from WW3’s nuclear annihilation and from ourselves, by submitting to some “higher intellects” of our exo planet evolutionary forefathers. It is a ruse and a hoax to make us submit to the higher powers who “know better” than us, but in fact orchestrated this entire drama from day one.

The Nazi technology is simple. By electro-magnetic energy one can negate gravity and thus enables vehicles to hover and fly unhindered and at very great speeds. Every UFO has its own gravity field and therefore the pilots cannot be thrown and smashed against the walls of their own saucer by their “impossible” accelerations and trajectories. See our older articles on that here and here, and here and here and here and etc.

The plasma created by the electro-magnetic engines turns not only its light into many colours but also increases or decreases the speed of the vehicles and can cause other objects outside of itself to be attracted or rejected by its magnetism. Hence the true stories in the past, like the famous one of the Brazilian farmer who escaped being levitated into the open bottom door of the UFO by holding onto a tree with all of his might. The UFO with a human standing in the door finally gave up and flew off. Thus it is not a great surprise that that same energy can destabilise rock layers and solidified lava domes or covers and cause the volcanoes to erupt.

It just goes to show that if you are still watching TV and reading the mainstream nonsense dished up by the PTSB, that you are your own worst enemy by subjecting yourselves to the massive banker-funded mass propaganda, and that you have no one else to blame for your physical and spiritual demise in the dark days to come. For that see this Near Death Experience prediction from our loving Creator himself to a little boy of ten years old.

As Jesus confidently stated, “unless you are converted and become as little children you shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven”, there aren’t only going to be very few Popes and lawyers in Heaven, but also very few “liberal” Mainstream Media Addicts and naive “Evolutionary Science” adepts. Will you be there? If you would only humble yourself as a little child in order to receive Jesus Christ into your very own heart, we will see you There.

God’s Gift of Free Choice He Will Not overrule!

Otherwise? You may perhaps continue to be cool and popular with the world as Howard Storm used to be before he visited Hell, but I will be sorry for you that God refuses to override your majesty of free choice given to you by our Creator as a free gift  Why not? If he would override your power of choice, you wouldn’t have any in the first place!

In that respect you were created in His Own Image! Free! But OMG how many people refuse to choose to be God’s servant, preferring the materialistic slavery of Satan by allowing Him to inject them with his very own 666 microchip. Will you, for convenience sake give up your spiritual freedom? I beg you to reconsider! It is after all kind of permanent, at least for a very long time.

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