Google Employee Fired! Criticism of Goolag’s Marxist Sex Agenda Forbidden Fruit!

Marxists are Anti Children, and thus anti-Family! They are Anti-natural sex between Male and Female as the two sexual organs’ forms dictate it – among other things. Being Anti children they are Pro Abortion (Infanticide or baby murder, as the Canaanites used to burn babies in sacrifice to Moloch or Baal. (What difference does it make to be torn limb and head from small torsos. It hurts the same as if they would do it to us, as adults. Watch!

Marxists, like the Google control freaks, hate natural sex as much as they hate the natural differences between Man an Woman, and therefore try to artificially (un-naturally!) erase these differences by massive social engineering programs that force billions of people to adopt un-natural forms of behaviour. “Sexism” is a Marxist weasel word to erase natural behaviour patterns, while they falsely call them “cultural” patterns. Why? To “control” (read: “drastically reduce by genocide”) the world’s population. Why? Because the Googlites don’t want to be bothered by too many billions of people that are harder to manage and control than a few millions. Oh they may deny that of course, but all their policies and agendas scream it as loud as the Georgia Guidestones.

Sexual behaviour can be influenced,modified, or even engineered, by culture, but also by fear campaigns, intimidation, social control, legislation, religion, etc. Cultural Marxism -not worthy of the term – is the religion of he elitarian control freaks that dictates abstinence for the “evil” masses, while promoting “do what thou wilt” hedonism and free “sexism” for the (self) righteous ruling class. Just look at the politically correct perverts like the Podestas, Weinsteins, Clintons, Weiners, “royals” on the Lolita Express, the former porno careers of Google founders, the horrid child sex and traficking cult of the top psychopaths of the American establishment or swampy deep state, etc.

In short; these psychopaths that opted to rule the world, are sexual deviants that are ordering the masses to abstain from natural sex as dictated by hormones, pheromones, organs, and most of all male and female spirits inside their bodies! Of course SPiRITS are a ‘NoNo’ and taboo for atheist materialistic Marxists, as they claim not to believe in them, while giving way to more evil spirits than average people in their kidnapping, involuntary incarceration, subjugation of children they are to subject to pedophilia (child sex), murder, and their favorite Satanic religious blood sacrifice games.

They preach diversity and sexism, and practice kakistocracy, debauchery, murder, genocide, and sex slavery. “Don’t be evil”, Google? Your “entrepreneurs” are the worst hypocrites and self-righteous offenders, apart from taking away our freedom and liberty with your Big Brother control mechanisms, gathering the ISP addresses from “dissenters” and surveiling free born human beings, and browbeating the masses in frustrating unnatural behaviours and worse.

Googlites don’t even know what natural Man and Woman entails! That amazing phenomenon that King Solomon called the “way of a man with a maid” mystery, even the wisest man in ancient history couldn’t put his finger on it. We Chinese saw this wondrous thing many thousands of years ago and called it Ying and Yang, Heaven and earth, Mountain and Valley, Man and Woman, but brainwashed dumbed-down Googlites can’t understand it, in act have never heard of it, let alone thought of it, as their hearts and minds have been counter-pollinated by that false seed from Satan that “Sex is Evil!”

Uh ah! Sex is not evil, it is an undeniable part of the original creation of the Ying and Yang Creator of this Universe, who created Man and Woman different, as opposing yet complementing entities with a distinct different metaphysical charge and meaning. The hard, fast, strong, decisive, calm, super charged competitive visionary Male, versus the soft, slower, weaker, finer, sweeter, more sensitive, often more sensible, feely Females.

My sketchy description of the genders is as flawed and crippled as the depth of the Female counterpart of Man is deep; The last and crowning creation of God, that pathetic Googlites reject as much as they reject the difference between the genders. THEY are in a “gender war” against the very genders themselves! Do they even come up with the idea that the natural creation of God is a mere object lesson of higher spiritual realities? No! They are spiritually so dement that they can’t even think it up. ‘What?’, you ask?

That Man and Woman are a picture in the flesh of actual spiritual realities. The Man is the personification of God and the Woman is a personification of the Beloved Lover of God. As a (natural!) woman likes to be loved, cared for, conquered, courted, chased, overwhelmed by attention, treated, cuddled, embraced, kissed, bedded, overwhelmed, overpowered and finally fucked and inseminated, THUS the lovers of the God of Love and Sex like to be treated and handled the same by their Cosmic Lover, their very own Creator! But don’t talk to Googlites about the Creator or GOD! You know what their ironic reaction will be? A disparaging quip moaning, “OH GOD!” How ironic! How weird! How unintelligent, dumb, and useless!

“Cultural” Marxists are devoid of any philosophical appreciation of even the mere concept of God. They will disparage Plato or Socrates even for seriously contemplating the mere idea of Him! They are religiously AND philosophically fully blind and devoid, incapable of entertaining invisible entities like Him, or Angels, of Near death Experiences, Prayer, Miracles, Higher entities than themselves, abstract cosmic occurrences like extemporaneous and immaterialistic Spirits.

They are really 6th sense depleted. Oh, but not by fate,by their own shortsighted design and agenda of wanting to control, not just their own destiny, but the destiny of us the subjugated masses especially! Why? Because they are psychopaths, unable to have empathy, mercy, grace, LOVE! They are so self absorbed that they chose to become technocrats and transhumanists that will “upload their souls onto a hard disk” someday and “live forever”! Ha! like some super-annuated TRONs. The humanity!

So although the dear former Googlite in the video above, sensed there was something fundamentally wrong with Google’s perverse politics and smarmy sophistry, he still speaks from within their P.C weaselwords and CATCHphrases that catch the soul into perverted philosophy. They have changed the discourse and thus have changed the minds of the masses. At least of their sycophant followers and pathetic adepts who will never be saved, unless they fully break down in despair over their artificial exile from spiritual sanity. Pray for the deceived Googlites and the persecuted Google rebel above. Perhaps a light will go on,one day?

It better be soon, before Goolag implants them with their evil control chips. It won’t be long now. Are you a Googlised brainwashed adept? Or are you a real free thinker? It makes a HEAVEN of a difference! Be liberated from Marxism today! Jesus still saves, even from Google!

3 thoughts on “Google Employee Fired! Criticism of Goolag’s Marxist Sex Agenda Forbidden Fruit!

  1. Thisi is well known especially after that other employee was fired a month or so ago for his questioning of some of google’s policies and now that you see even youtubers such as L A Marzulli are being defunded

  2. Reblogged this on Gitardood's Weblog and commented:
    This is a case much like the employee fired last month for disagreeing with company agenda in some respects. We see Christians and others who question / disagree or who upload / posts that the NWO newthink crowd don’t like are now being defunded

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