Real Charles Manson? Real Queen? Real Terror? Real Astronauts?

The Manson murders. On today’s show by Richard D. Hall, some brief comments on a few of the recent “terror” attacks and information about a campaign to remove the Queen from her throne. Richard talks to Neil Sanders about his latest book, “Now’s The Only Thing That’s Real”, which is a re-examination of the Manson murders, motives and mythos. Probably one of the most detailed books on the Manson murders, Neil Sanders reveals how Vincent Bogliosi (the prosecution lawyer) manipulated witnesses, silenced witnesses and promoted a wholly untrue narrative which was published in the media. Bogliosi’s fairy tales are responsible for the creation of a mythological version of the person known as Charles Manson. The truth about Charles Manson is poles apart from the messianic cult leader he was claimed to be. A “drug dealing criminal and pimp” is a more accurate description.

And the “astronauts?” part 1.

part 2

part 3.


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