The REAL Waco Story – State Murder of the Innocents by the Evil Clinton Camp

Waco – A New Revelation – made by an honest EX- FBI agent. There are some honest Americans left, although not too many. Most believe the slander, gossip, propaganda of the Fake News Media and thus became complicit in the state murder of some 80 children, women, men, and old people. It reminds me of Revelation where it says, “The Earth opened her mouth and swallowed the flood that Satan spewed out of his mouth!” A flood of lies! Like Jesus warned us when asked about the Last days, he first gave a stern warning: “Be YE not deceived!” He repeated that warning 7 times in the chapter. What are you going to believe in the Endtime?

Will you fall for the Devil’s slander of God’s holy Children? Or will you believe what GOD says in his Words to mankind. Oh the humanity! How easily people are so led by the nose by Satan’s evil propagandists. I’d say, Persecuted Cults on Earth will be God’s glorified rulers of the Future in Heaven!

Everything in this evil world is topsy turvy. Will you turn right side up? Or left side down to Hell! It all depends on what you want to believe. As Jesus said, “Take heed what you hear!” WATCH & WEEP for the miseries that will come upon Amerikah!


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