Satan’s Nano Smart Dust & Morgellons Already Contaminating Human DNA Via Aerosol Spraying

Astounding! Horrible! Jesus HAS to return shortly, because otherwise no flesh – none of us! – will be saved! I have been noticing myself here in TAPEI how my scooter mirrors have a perpetual film of very small stuff that you can’t or hardly wipe off. I believe it is also nano  dust. Tapei Taiwan is under quasi permanent spraying since 2001 at least. They started quite low, trails right over the city, but now only very high in the sky. Long unbroken trails from sprayer planes simultaneously with normal short vanishing contrails of others at the same altitude. Then the long trails become a haze covering the entire city. How TW authorities can allow this, is totally beyond me. They either are deceived or blackmailed? God’s judgments will reveal ALL! At the end of time!


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