US Marxist Regime Already Totally in Control! – Hey Leftist Teacher! This is what you voted for!

Your own demise. Teacher gets evicted for asking simple democratic question by School Board control freaks Marxist by dumb goon. America Bye Bye! Hello Marxist Totalitarianism!


Here watch and weep, (and pray?) Your captivity is already in full

“Leftist” sheep – or goats rather – are actually not the smartest knives in the set. They LOVE big government! They love social control! They LOVE the Bankers’ “democrazy” and Divide and Conquer mechanism to destroy cultures and nations & always the first step to Marxist Totalitarianism. They LOVE liberalism (transl. lawlessness!) that cuts them away from their natural protection against the rich predators, e.g. the Family, the Homogeneous community, the protective culture of true(er) values, ethics, and norms, and Truth and accountability in Local and then ultimately State government.

Look at these poor largely leftist, Cultural Marxist goats, the poor deceived ‘liberal’ teachers, powerless and cowardly, afraid to stand up for even their own colleague!!!! And these people are supposed to teach your children? Hello Louisiana/ Aren’t you supposedly Bible Belt? Ha! You sure undermined your freedom of religion, your truth of the WORD, your Christian responsibility, when you signed on to Christian Zionism, and made “Israel” your idol, rather than the WORD of Christ! THIS is the DIRECT result. Servitude to Marxist Israel!

And to be sure dear brethren. This is irreversible. It is too late! Not only Trump can save you. Not even a revolution can save you. You have been destroyed from within over the last 150 years, and there is no remedy. Why? Because you cant even HEAR the truth, let alone understand it, and peel away the onion of deception to see real reality. You have been so thoroughly brainwashed into complete servitude via thorough media brainwashing and social, mental, “academic” conditioning, first started Big time with Edward Bernays, whom you even don’t know.

And why don’t you know? Because you watched TV instead of Watch & PRAY! You watched “Love Lucy” and “Mickey Mouse” and your kids Nickelodeon, and now piss on your Bible and watered down “religion”.

Yes it is sad. But Hey. America just joined Israel, and became the USI, the United States of Israel, and are as disobedient and rebellious and idol-worshippers, and antiCHrist as their idol, while paying lip service to Jezus in their arm waving praize meetings that do not reach the lost sheep of the House of One Great Christian America! Jeremiah would be crucified in your towns, afresh, for warning you of your apostasy. Goodbye America.

And as for you, the few true, loving, merciful, kind, sweet,NON Zionist Christians there? To you I say, GET OUT while you still CAN! (See: Revelation 18:3-4) ONLY, if you want to finally obey Mark 16:15. Otherwise don’t bother. Your Trump idol is building a wall to keep you all in. (Thank God for that protection from most of you, in our already too CIA -CNN infiltrated and deceived rest of the world)

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