3D computer modeling reveals 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay crime scene was actually mocked up on the 61st-floor

By Lexi Morgan
Screenshot via HDRCFX Cornwall/YouTube

The FBI and LVMPD went to great lengths to hide the fact that the crime scene photos were actually taken on the 61st-floor of the hotel, not the 32nd

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A highly detailed 3D computer imaging model was recreated by an industry professional using 3D Studio Max, a computer graphics program used to make games, 3D images, and film effects.

The graphic analysis, posted to the HDRCFX Cornwall YouTube channel on Friday, reveals that what authorities are calling the 32nd-floor crime scene photos that were purportedly captured in room 32-135 were actually taken on the 61st-floor of the Mandalay Bay, possibly on 1 Oct.

The entire analysis can be seen in the following video.

You may remember, Intellihub Founder and Director Shepard Ambellas broke a major story back in mid-January after the bombshell news was overlooked by investigative reporter Laura Loomer who obtained and published the original photo showing Stephen Paddock’s car and his VPS parking log. What the reporter failed to note was the fact that Paddock had checked into a room on the 61st-floor of the Mandalay Bay on 1 October. This is, in fact, the very same floor that matches up to the 3D computer model, as seen in the HDRCFX Cornwall video.



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