A Wellknown Arkansas Politician Oversaw Murder of 2 Boy Witnesses to Drug Running

One old wrestler friend of the Clintons, Billy Jack, came clear about his former crimes & collaboration with the murders of the two young teenage boys who witnessed the Cocaine running on a small airfield. He testified on video that a well-know Arkansas politician oversaw by cellphone the putting of their bodies on the railroad tracks in order to be mutilated beyond recognition. Well, the bodies were identified and so were their stab wounds and bashing in of their skulls. Clinton, then governor of Arkansas denied having knowledge about the entire affair, and that his hands were tied by a Federal inquiry who took over the investigation. “Hands tied?” I wish they were!

More American corruption as the Empire is surely coming to travail more and more, while the elite is trying to cause a civil war and abolition of the 2nd amendment that protects Americans against their own government gone rogue. It HAS gone rogue, and s they try to take away their guns. Nevertheless, America will only be allowed by God to maintain their freedom and so on, if they area righteous nation, and that is where the trouble is. Do they deserve it? Hmmm…


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