Syria: Why Are We There? . Israel!

Christopher Bollyn — April 9, 2018

The War On Terror the Plot to rule the Middle East

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The War on Terror:  The Plot to Rule the Middle East helps the reader make sense of the War on Terror by explaining the real strategy that is being implemented under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This most essential book is available for a $20 donation by PayPal to or by clicking on
The war in Syria is in the spotlight once again after yet another alleged chemical gas attack. The 7-year-old war seems to be at a turning point with President Trump saying on one hand that he wants to get U.S. troops out of the country “very soon” while threatening that a “big price” will be paid by the government of Syria, which stands accused of having used chemical weapons in Douma, a suburb of Damascus, during the night of April 7-8.
The Israeli government is pushing hard for the U.S. to attack the government of Syria and reportedly fired missiles at a Syrian airbase near Homs overnight.
See: “U.S. denies missile strike in Syria, Russia says Israel did it“ CBS News, April 8, 2018
Although there are hundreds of articles about the latest chemical atrocity and what Trump will or won’t do as a response, there is no discussion in the media about why U.S. forces are involved in Syria in the first place. What is the U.S. strategy behind our military engagement in Syria? Why is this not discussed in the media?
The reason why U.S. strategy in Syria is not talked about is because the American people are not supposed to know what we are doing in Syria – or why. If the strategy were legal and justified it would be discussed, but it is neither legal nor just so it is not. We are simply told that we are fighting ISIS in Syria, which is supposedly authorized by the War on Terror authorization (AUMF, Sept. 14, 2001). But if we are really just fighting the ISIS terrorist group, why have we not joined forces with the government of Syria and the Russians to fight ISIS and been done with it a long time ago?
Now that ISIS is defeated, why are we still in Syria and threatening to wage war against the Assad government, which was elected in 2014? Why are we occupying the eastern third of Syria? Why do we have a base in Syria on the Jordanian border? None of this is legal or justifiable under international law, so why are we doing it?
None of this makes any sense unless we grasp that the real reason U.S. forces are in Syria is to support the Israeli strategy (i.e. Yinon Plan, 1982) to destroy the Syrian military and break the country into ethnic enclaves as was done to Yugoslavia in the 1990s and has been done to Iraq since 2003.
In the Western media the conflict is made ridiculously simple: we are told that Russia and Syria are bad actors, and because they are bad they do bad things. Therefore we are asked to believe without evidence that they are behind all the suffering and atrocities we hear about in Syria.
But Syria is fighting a war to defend the nation from gangs of foreign-funded and trained terrorists. Russia has been asked by the government of Syria to help in this effort to defend the nation in accordance with international law. Why are they portrayed as bad actors if they are fighting the good fight to defend Syria?
The U.S. on the other hand is working with those foreign-funded and trained terrorists to illegally overthrow the government of Syria and break the nation into pieces. There is nothing good about that. Why are we doing it?
It’s very simple: As Secretary of State Clinton wrote in an email in 2012: The best way to “help Israel” is to use force to overthrow the Assad government in Damascus. President Obama authorized $1 billion per year to the CIA to assist in the effort to overthrow the Assad government in order to “help Israel.”
So, we are really waging war in Syria and taking the world to the brink of war with Russia in order to help Israel? How utterly reckless can a nation be?
Making sense of the fraudulent War on Terror is the subject of my latest book, The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East. It is a small and easily-read book that urgently needs to be read by the people and the policy makers because it explains how we have been tricked into the War on Terror, which was launched in the aftermath of 9-11 and is now America’s longest and most expensive war. Under the pretext of fighting terrorism we are waging illegal wars to advance an Israeli agenda to dominate the Middle East.
To obtain a copy of The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East,
send $20 by PayPal to or by clicking on
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2 thoughts on “Syria: Why Are We There? . Israel!

  1. Fear and confusion along with misunderstandings appear to rule the day these days. The truth as they say is often strange and when we get to the real truth it often appears as too hot for us to handle.
    As we all know the world is in a mess, the Middle East is in a mess, religions are in a mess and factions within these various religions appear as being in a mess. The big question here of course is where did we all go so wrong? Often it’s the case that small factions of these factions have a form of comradeship and togetherness and at least they salute the brethren and see each other as being on the map for encouragement. Perhaps we all need a review here and to arrive at a more spiritual and therefore reasonable conclusion – surely a lot of these fallouts amongst peoples and groups and factions have there roots in misunderstandings and mere storms in teacups that simply got out of hand through lack of diligent care and attention to the things we say.
    Of late I’ve been thinking that we simply all need to go back to stop look listen as well as squeeze don’t jerk.
    If God is in something or someone then that something and Someone should never be rejected.
    We should all whole heartedly salute one another and unashamedly greet each other with a holy kiss.
    There is of course Children Of God still around these days – do they greet each other with a holy kiss at least – do they salute the brethren unashamedly or do they pass them by for fear or because of fear of entanglement due to some misconception of what they might or might not be – perhaps even the computers lack of feeling has a way of blowing things out of proportion.
    So where did it all go wrong – what say ye on these matters of unity which of course is what we all seek at every level.
    Key blades – Paridise post and hopefully Simple truth had some form of unity but sadly confusion got in here too – where did we all go wrong I ask myself in all honesty and no doubt you do the same – what say ye?

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