Julian Assange in Danger! FREE Assange Now! Plea from his mother

Post Truth Amerika threatens Julian Assange, the courageous whistle blower, by bullying & threatening the Ecuadorian government, as well as the corrupt British government who have NO case against Julian. Please speak out against this miscarriage of justice. Unfair, unfair unfair!!! Speak up now, for who will speak up for YOU, when they can get away with this murderous torture of a brave man. Christine Assange, Julian Assange’s mother, speaks about the increasingly dire circumstances which face her son. She pleads with the public, journalists Listen to his mother & stand up and be counted. There is no rule of law left. You can be locked up without charge, indefinitely. We have got full blown fascism. Make a noise, a big noise. FREE POLITICAL PRISONER JULIAN ASSANGE NOW!!!

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