Finally Ireland is Waking Up, but is it Too Late? Gemma O’Doherty thinks it is not yet.

These two people in the video below, Gemma O’Doherty and John waters, are finally waking up, but how old are they? 50-60? It is a little late to wake up and at last smell the Marxist coffee, that has been brewing for over a 100 year, and Cultural Marxism that was infiltrating our lands for the last 75 years, after World War 2.

They have taken over our schools, our universities, our MEDIA, our governments, our hierarchies, our armies, our police forces, our intelligence agencies, our CHURCHES, our everything. Look at this so-called Pope, Francis. He is a god-damned cultural Marxist Jesuit Freemason that is promoting the New World Order! He is a traitor! Like all the High Tech companies from Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, traitors to our societies, to our values, our Christian beliefs and institutions.

But finally Gemma and John are waking up. But where were they, lo, these last 30 years? Did they dismiss the truth about our lives as conspiracy theories and fairy tales? Or did they never hear about the hoaxes on history, the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking hoax, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbour, JFK, MLK, 9-11, the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and Iraq? Libya? Syria? Where were they? Were they cooperating with the Mainstream Media and drinking in all the propaganda, never doing their own true research.

Well, at least THEY woke up. At least they can save their souls with Salvation. But what about their younger generations of brainwashed children, students, and toddlers, and babies who will be spiritually destroyed by Post Modernist Neo Marxism of the Godless bankers and control freaks? And what about all the millions of child murders under the euphemism and misnomer of Abortion. Murder, Infanticide, genocide!

Well, watch this video, dear Irish people, and weep over your losses and your destructions that have come upon you. And why? Because the majority of Irish have kicked Jesus out of their front door and so Satan sneaked into the backdoor. And it is very hard to dismiss him. Once the Camel got his nose into the tent, he will soon take over the entire tent.

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