About The Paradise Post!

Welcome to ‘The Paradise Post‘ alternative news blog of PowerPointParadise.com, now here at: StarryNews.Wordpress.com. Our old -& many new!– popular history articles are now posted at our 2nd blog www.ancientpatriarchs.wordpress.com  Sorry for the inconvenience, but our old site was cruelly closed on us, yet is slowly being rebuild! Below are some famous old links! Use our search function above to find other old posts. Tks.

STARRY NEWS stands for…

Short but sweet
True, tested, tried & proven
Alternative, e.g. not Mainstream
Repressed, suppressed, secret, covered-up
Researched, (do your own research!) & smell-tested by info connaisseur Lu Xian Sheng
Your’s truly NEWS blog!

Please return often, so you get the latest Ancient History research, news and revelations, as well as a cornucopia of non-mainstream alternative news you do NOT get from your TV, “dumb”-phone, Facebook, Google News, CNN, NYT, BBC, Stern, Paris Match, TF1, RTL, ABC, MSNBC, SKY, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Frankfurter Algemeine, or any other fecal matter sheet or “news” outlet of masonic, zionist, neo-con, right- or left- state propaganda channel. And let’s not call them the elite,the creme de la creme, but the sour cheese soon to be deposed of!  Our latest Ancient History research, is to be found under that link. Our motto is: Lets not be lazy! But DO OUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Don’t even just believe what we dish up. Make sure it is vetted, real sourced information with solid references, the right paradigm, untainted, and confirmed by genuine authorities, experts, and pundits, without a globalist agenda. Come by often to get a peek behind the curtain of mainstream media propaganda.
Toto_and_the_WizardWhy The Paradise Post!

     There was (is) a need for a Christian-based alternative news magazine. There were some Christian blogs, but online news aggregator magazines, with a user-friendly, alternative truth-telling style, were few.
There were ‘Mainstream’ Christian online news sites, but these are mostly rather American ethno-centric, US-based, conservative, right-wing reactionary, Evangelical sites with a strong Zionist flavour, like Farah’s site ‘Worldnet Daily’ and Chuck Baldwin’s ‘News with Views’, for example. Because of language limitations there are much less European or Asian Christian sites in English, let alone alternative ones!

Sad to say, these are working mostly within a left-right, liberals vs. conservatives paradigm, from which they do not seem to be able or wish to escape.godisnotamerican Their ‘Christian’ paradigm is a kind of ‘bunker’ mentality, the typical American “If God could only bless America” wishful thinking, that leads to a depressive “Custer’s last stand” type of philosophy, as if God would be mainly concerned with a post-Christian, Pagan, financially and morally bankrupt America? Maybe it’s time to leave the mess behind? God’s Kingdom has always moved on to greener fields. Mind you, there are Chinese missionaries working to reach British atheist pagans, and Mainland Chinese and Koreans are missionaries inside Pakistan & Iran! Just for the balance.We aim to familiarise our honorable visitors with corruption in mostly Western high places, Bankers and Masons plotting the way, that has resulted in the corruption of Science, as in Anthropogenic “Global Warming”, corruption of Nature, as in GMO famine scam by Monsanto and Agri-business, and corruption of our Health and Food, as in top UN-WHO flu scams  down to national CDC-s and Health & Food departments promoting tainted foods and poisonous chemicals, as well as life-threatening injections with dangerous foreign chemicals, metals, human and animal micro organisms promoted as “vaccinations“, the corruption of justice and security departments, as in the artificially created “war on terror” that is taking away our human rights and civil liberties all over the world, and many more undermining and infiltrations of our governments and law enforcement agencies. Even over here!

All this has led to great insecurity, tragic and massive loss of life, illegal wars, government terror, a virtual war on us human beings by a monstrous global, tyrannical machine threatening not only our freedoms, health, wealth, and sanity, but even our very lives!

We believe that all of these evils are the result of our own collective failure  to not only respect and love each other, our nature, our environment, and our former ethics and morals, but even more so our failure to respect and acknowledge our loving Creator! Yea, and even the fate of our very own souls! As Jesus of Nazareth  so aptly queried, “What shall it profit a man if he gain the entire world, and loose his own soul? And what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”
Do you know? That‘s the reason for The Paradise Post.

Paradise Post Editor

My name is Lu Xian Sheng (Ancient Historian & Political Science Major) from Taipei, Taiwan…daily serving up the news. I am student in Taiwan, a small country with a fantastic human rights record and freedom of religion (still), and traditionally anti-communist. I am a Bible-believing (NOT bashing!), freedom-loving Libertarian (NOT “a liberal!”), Humanist (NOT secular!), Christian socialist (NOT Marxist, Trotskyist, Anarchist!).

LOVE AND WARdemocracy_will_come_to_youWe deplore wars, especially when fought to make bankers and arms-producers more rich and powerful, or to spread their “New World Order”, or to increase “Israeli” power in the Middle East, or to steal other nations’ resources, or to bomb them into installing “Democracy”! Not just because of Mosaic laws like “Thou shalt not kill! Thou shalt not steal!”, because I am ONLY under THE LAW OF CHRIST! But because the fulfilling Law of Christ tells us to “Love God with all your heart, mind soul, and power, and likewise, love your neighbour as you love yourself!”

    LOVE, for Jesus and for us, is ALL the law and the prophets.” It is fulfilled in one word, even this, “Love your neighbour as yourself!” And we know what that means, don’t we? Do think about it for a minute! It may change you, your family & friends, neighbours, town, nation, and as a result change the world!

It means that IF you are a true member of God’s International Family, or Commonwealth of spiritual Israel or “Zion”, you will love all its members, whether they be Palestinian or Jew, Black or White, Jesus-loving Muslim or Jesus-loving Christian, or even whatever kind of Jesus-loving SINNER! Why? Because we are all sinners, saved or not! Nobody is perfect?!
The only difference between sinners and saved sinners is, that the saved ones loved and received Jesus into their hearts, no matter what other earthly characteristics, race, religion or politics they may have. This is our credo, and that of Jesus and His Bible as well! Nice huh?

It doesn’t mean that I agree with, or even like, all Jesus-loving saved sinners. I don’t! Many think and do things that I am totally against, or fight wars that they –I believe!– WILL have to pay for, sooner or later. That’s why I do not “support the troops!” Jesus never commissioned His Children to go fight another nation which never attacked yours in the first place! And if you can’t understand that, it is perhaps because you haven’t received Jesus into your heart yet, or you may not have been baptised in His loving Holy Spirit, or haven’t studied the Word of God like you should! OR you are putting nationalistic pride, politics, racial or cultural preferences, or religious bias above the Word of God.democracys-coming-400x2961democracy For example: Look what many American Christians (?) have done, and are still doing, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Pakistan! They killed and maimed millions of its men, women, and children! They destroyed their country, infrastructure, caused thousands of birth defects in babies, cancer in their men, women and children by spreading depleted uranium, and caused all related heartbreaks, deep sorrow, bitter suffering, on top of the losses of loved ones. For that a nation will be held utterly accountable. Get ready for the grim reaping! (See Revelation 18)

EndAmericaTHAT is NOT what Jesus ordered His children to do in ALL THE WORLD! He told us to “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THEM, SO THAT HE WHO BELIEVES SHALL BE SAVED!” (Mark 16:15) –NOT KILLED! What the Hell is wrong with these people?

I do not attend a church, I AM the Church! I am part of a home Church! Our home! Lu’s & Kat’s home! Jesus told us that “wherever there are two or three together in MY name, there am I in the midst of them!” So Jesus is with us always, as He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you!” (Heb 13:5) This does not hinder fellowship with other believers, but makes for deeper and more fellowship actually.

Freedom of Religion

I am aware that the elite of this world is inevitably on a sure path to total absolute tyranny where Christian blood is going to flow for truth and freedom of religion. It is prophesied. But each human being has to die some day, and what’s the difference between dying of old age or for truth as a martyr? So Jesus said, “fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

bartholomew    Even though we know that Satan will win global control for a very short time (3-1/2 years), and that his earthly human dupes are working very hard at it right now from their many institutions, organisations and corporations, we can sure slow them down, IF we collectively try to DO SOMETHING about it! Will you?

We All Have Influence

There is one thing that we all have, and that we can’t live without! And that is influence! We all have influence. Some more than others. But what are we doing with our influence? Even though it is small? We can still influence a lot of others! YOU can do a lot!

AllIHave About    Christianity is not a passive faith. It is an active faith. He asked us to go forth and preach the Gospel to every creature, and gather His children together, to win their minds to faith in Christ, to inspire their hearts with love, to get out His words of love to them, to help them see this life in the right Heavenly perspective, to change the world into a better place. It is after all a “Holy Quest!” A spiritual war with spiritual weapons.–An information war for the hearts, minds and souls of the lost human earthlings!

    You can help spread His message of love! Tell it to others, pass out Gospel tracts, even while waiting together at a traffic light, especially to the most beleaguered section of society–the young!, make new friends to eventually lead to Him, share the truth with strangers who want it, or smile at the girl or guy in the waiting-line of the supermarket, and God will bless you and eventually reward you for your efforts, when you join Him and us in Heaven! It is not in vain. Actually it is the most meaningful thing we can do in life! And with His help we are actually going to win this eternal spiritual war in the end. And pretty soon as well, as things are getting worse and worse by the day! (See our blog!)

Jesus Christ is returning shortly to take over our Earth, even though it will be quite devastated against that time by the Enemy and his minions. But He will turn it back into the paradisaical Heaven on Earth it used to be, during a beautiful 1000 year lasting era, appropriately called The Millennium, where there will be peace and plenty for everyone, and where “they shall learn war no more!” We hope to reach some of you with the life-giving truth of God’s Word, as well as a revelation of the diabolical plans and actions of very wicked people.

There are degenerated humans who are often blackmailed into being “useful dupes”, and have given themselves wholly over as tools to and totally surrendered to Satan and his devoted minions. These devotees are extremely wicked people who are on the side of Evil and have consciously joined together to blatantly lie, deceive, steal, kill, commit fraud, theft, genocide, to create and organise world wars, cause famines, even earthquakes, floods, and other disasters, all to effectuate a worldwide forceful, tyrannical absolute dictatorship by hook and by crook.

Restored OLD Powerpointparadise.com PAGES you SEEK & knew from before

May God the Father of spirits bless us all with freedom, love and spiritual fulfillment, even in these dark and even more gloomy days to come. Love, Peace, & Kindness!

PS: And for your own sake: Stay away from

  • American foods & drinks heavily infested with Roundup’s Glyphosate (carcinogenic!)
  • Fast Junk Foods: McDonalds, KFC, etc.,
  • American milk and beef (full of growth hormones, ractopamine, puss & antibiotics!),
  • GMO Soy, (Most Soy not fermented enough also changes males into female)
  • GMO Corn, GMO anything (organ damage),
  • GMO Wheat and whatever else GMO
  • Fluoride in toothpaste and water (It dumbs you down!)
  • Carcinogenic Colas (caramel flavoring and others),
  • MSG (monosodium glutonomate)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (it causes obesity!)
  • Diet Coke and Chewing gums have Aspartame and Formaldehyde (a chemical used to preserve dead bodies!)
  • Vaccines (Mercury, dead viruses, formaldehyde, and other unwholesome stuff)
  • Statins (liver damage!)
  • Sugar!! In all its forms (diabetes!)
  • etc. Do you own research. Don’t be a dummy.
  • Farmed salmon!
  • DDT sprayed vegetables

May God bless you with salvation and good health

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PS If you want to know “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PARADISE POST?” Read this….

Pray for PowerpointParadise Please! What are we to do!?

11828646_899775883405156_6251834422321917323_nIn case you hadn’t noticed, Powerpointparadise.com went down again! Host Gator has also restricted our access, so there is nothing we can do to relieve the pressure on that (shared) server, and my ultimate webmaster has no time to be involved, he said, and so we are looking again at an indefinite down period for our main site, & powerpoint presentations, & endtime encyclopedia, & the other blogs on there. Pray that they will be salvaged. Tks.

So if you want to know what is really going on in the world, please come here now to check for any updates or new posts, and go to  ancientpatriarchs.wordpress.com for any new REAL HISTORY articles I might be enabled to do.

I had no idea how to remedy the situation, and have turned it all over to our Boss Upstairs! I personally had hardly any desire in the matter anymore, other than: HIS WILL BE DONE! I’d be happy just to use this WordPress platform to blog the latest news, but of course I lost my former 5-700 unique visitors per day, and all my many former high ratings in the search enigines, irretrievably so, for a long time. It takes a long time to get high SEO ratings. It took me over TEN YEARS!

I’m sure our enemies are very happy with this set-back, as my sites were kicking some serious hiney, and I believe that some of these may even have had a hand in overcharging my site with many Denial of Service attacks in subsequent visits, in order to drive Hostgator’s server crazy, so they would shut me down! And they did! Actually I did see how many visits suddenly were coming in for this one article that I posted here on http://www.AncientPatriarchs.wordpress.com a couple days ago, called….

13 Natural Disasters of Ancient Times in Antiquity

Suddenly there were all these San Diego Govt. “education” people coming to that page on my downed former History Blog, even though most of them are God-hating Socialist Darwinians in those circles, especially in California, and they obviously HATE that page with a vengeance as it is like good healthy web-candy for curious young people who want to know what really happened so long ago, who we can lead away from the Darwinian Sci-Fi towards REAL Ancient History. And it would not surprise me that it was them who did the damage.

OK so what! A Darwinian point scored, but… they are surely losing the info war. BIG time! All over the frigged globe, ferociously frigged by them! As well as fracked, frustrated, and frittered away into Hades. Sad story! But Happy Ending coming soon!

It has happened before. Also from “educators”, that time from Sydney Australia! That so-called progressive Hell-hole Down Under! The same God-hating control freaks as in San Diego and Orange County who’d lust to brainwash our collective kids worldwide without any interference from us, Heaven’s People.

They prefer Hell on earth, and as misery loves company they hate to be the lone losers, so they try to win as many impressionable young souls for Hades as we are trying to win for Heaven. What a sad self-chosen fate and dark, dismal, dystopic, isolated, lonely, loveless, hopeless destiny these useful dummies are courting and inviting upon themselves! T’is tragic.

Don’t they learn anything from others’ narrow escapes from Hell type Near Death Experiences? — Like the former atheist Christ-cursing liberal wannabe art professor Howard Storm’s Hell experience? I guess they don’t want to or at least they tell themselves that they are not real, even though the experiencers insist that they were more alive and conscious when they were “dead” than when they were alive! See it here:

So yes, all my many years long built up influence would ALL go down the drain and also my opportunity to have simple HTML pages and post and upload big powerpoint presentations and MP3-s, outside of my three WordPress blogs that are on that site, which are also down now of course.

StupidStanSo hear my tale of woe and battle in the midst of stormy weather. Life is a continual battle between the forces of God and the bitter forces of Stan the Devil. I call him Stan these days. Stupid Stan! Satan is almost becoming a title of respect for his deluded followers and worshippers. Like “awesome Satan!”

Nah! He is stupid Stan, and he can go to hell, as far as I am concerned, where he actually already is anyway running his counterfeit colour revolution from Hades [the unseen state] against the unbeatable Angelic Super Forces of Creator God, our blessed Father of spirits, and His altogether lovely Son Jesus, the only Christ.

These “liberal educators” are the most deluded useful idiots in the world, and I get sick in heart when I visit their sticky-sweet websites, to see all these know-it-all, smarmy, smart-in-their-own-eyes, politically correct propagandists, fooling around with all these precious young people in their “care”. It is unconscionable what they are destroying in these new souls fresh from Heaven.

I pity those kids in Murrikah, especially in such politically correct “liberal” areas like Californi-cation. HELL on Earth! And they are being turned into Hell more and more each passing day, even though they don’t believe David’s prediction that “the wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

It is not God who is turning them into hell. It is they who are doing it themselves, with the help of STAN of course. Kind seeks kind. Misery loves company. Corruption begets corruption. Violence begets violence. Like what California has now been suffering: The Fukushima fall out, and now this Methane leak. It is sickening and poisoning many people, and there is nothing they can do about it, except the few Children of God still there who can invoke God’s protection and mercy through prayer.

It wasn’t God that caused that leak? It was corrupt governors and smarmy corporations that knew about the leak already years ago and just in their selfishness refused to take care of it. It is a mine turned into a repository and was already leaking years ago. Why did they use it anyway? And why didn’t they fix it sooner? Selfishness!

BitterSelfish people! I’d say that is the first thing that turns societies, cultures, and nations into hell. Simple selfishness and BITTERNESS! Ooh bitterness is such a curse on people. I know soooo many people who suffer from bitterness, about their parents, about their upbringing, about their friends, about their enemies, about their frustrations, and then when they run out of people or circumstances to blame they turn their blame toward God. They are bitter against the God they profess not to believe in. That’s WOMAN’s logic! So sad, stupid, and pathetic, just like Stan himself is.

Bitterness is such a disease that so many suffer from, and also dooms some or many of them to Hell because of it. Don’t you be Stan’s next meal! He is defintely not worthy of so much attention and praise and gain and collection of sad souls.

Anyway I love you all. Please pray that Stan will get his fingers chopped OFF of my site and that it will run again!

Lots of love and peace to you all,

Lu Xian Sheng



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