Watch Out Taiwan for American GMO Apples. Don’t even import them!

GMO Apples Hit American Stores This Month: How and Why to Avoid Them February 3, 2017 If a food company invented a new version of a typical food and then packaged it in a box without the ingredients etc. listed on the packaging, there would be quite the outcry. So why is it that Okanagan Speciality…


Open Source & Seeds & Software means Freedom! & We Should Live the Style ALL the time!

We need to fight the corporations and their monopolies by sticking to the open source, open software, open seeds. IF you use Monsanto BAYER (now) and their seeds YOU are a traitor to the Freedom cause! So watch out for GMO and be vigilant against it, even in your supermarket! Protest if you see it.…


The Scheme of the Control Freaks

Only the true love of Jesus WILL get the victory, and only God’s judgment can and will stop them. But as He said, “When the son of man cometh, will he find faith on the Earth?”


Scientist Who Discovered That GMO’s Cause Tumors Wins Lawsuit

A court has ruled that French Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini was correct when he concluded that GMO food, when fed to rats, caused serious health problems including tumors. reports: Now, Prof. Séralini is in the news again – this time for winning a major court victory in a libel trial that represents the second court victory for Séralini and…


God Bless Taiwan FDA for Banning Carcinogenic Glyphosate Quaker Oats!

Taiwan rejects Quaker Oats oatmeal for being poisoned with glyphosate. Americans rise up against YOUR FDA before they kill you all! Just pray that the Taiwan FDA will not be blackmailed, bribed, or corrupted by “Quaker” Oats, and that Taiwan will also ban Round Up as pesticide in Taiwan, as it is still being used…


Doctors: Not Zika But Monsanto Larvicide Causes Microcephaly

Doctors Name MONSANTO Larvicide As Cause of Brazilian Microcephaly Outbreak. A report from the Argentine doctors’ organisation, Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, challenges the theory that the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil is the cause of the increase in the birth defect microcephaly among newborns. The increase in this birth defect, in which the baby…