A Heavenly Paradise

HeavenlyParadise. .Is there a place where our souls will go after this life is over? We discovered many reasons to believe that this is certainly the case.
Millions of people had many kinds of out-of-body experiences where they were taken up into a perfect world where there is no more pain death nor tears, where they met their deceased loved ones in shining spiritual bodies, and even on occasion .. Angels, Jesus or God .
This experience was had by simple as well as highly intellectual academics who swore that they were more alive than in their normal physical body. Enjoy!


Heaven means: no more death, dying, drownings, pain, thirst, hunger, physical urges, crying, itchiness, discomfort, disease, sneezing, fever, tirednes, physical handicaps, mosquitoes, lice, flees, cockroaches, waspstings, snakebites, poisons, thorns, thistles, poison ivy, nettles, rotteness, decaying, dry brown brittle leaves, dirt, elimination, toilets, teethcleaning, showers, shoeshining, soaps, shampoos, cleaning agents, dishwashing, laundry, machines, debris, dust, brooms, dishtowels, mops, tissues, handkerchiefs, dustpans, ashes, cigarettes, smoke, pollution, stink, blood, sweat, tears, sticky heat, freezing cold, hospitals, drearyness, darkness, dangers, accidents, lightnings, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, avalanches, tidal waves, firestorms, floods, etc. dangerous wild animals, undertakers, coffins, cemeteries, funerals, churches, water systems, gaspipes, electricity lines, vacuumcleaners, stoves, cars, telephones, televisions, airports, hollywood, compulsary work, government oppression, violence, riots, police, armies, taxes, insurances, politicians, commerce, merchants, bankers, money, malls, shopping, media, weaponry, wars, except spiritually. no more need to talk, breathe, walk, run, sleep, shower, as all will be light, clean, friendly, lovely, instantly dry, instant telepathic communication, instant transport, instant knowing!
Who would not want to go to a place like that?

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