Predictions by Other Non-Biblical Prophets

ac-globeModern Last Day Prophets & Seers foretold the Endtime!

The way we know about an Endtime and Antichrist at all, is mainly because of Bible prophecy! But there are also many other predictions which foretell the future and corroborate the Biblical Endtime Scenario. There are other seers and visionaries that predicted all different of kinds of aspects about these Last Days when this powerful last World Empire of the Endtime and its A.C. Emperor will bring doom to the Earth and its inhabitants, just before the second coming of Jesus Christ! Click on their pictures to go to their pages.

It’s a strange fact that most people prefer to check out the alternative seers and prophets, like Nostradamus & Cayce etc, whereas their prophecies are quite vague and ambiguous compared to the very detailed, to the point predictions made by Daniel, Jesus, John, Paul, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Nahum, Joel and others. Wonder why!

cayce2Edgar Cayce

jendixonJeane Dixon

NostradamusNostra Damus

malachi2Malachy Omorgan

virginVirginia Brandt

davidDavid Brandt Berg

danielDaniel the Prophet

brinkleyDannion Brinkley branhamWilliam
www.baba-vanga.com_2016-06-30_20-57-34Baba Vanga
баба Ванга

shiptonMother Shipton

rasputinGrigori Rasputin

Fatima Children

rensburg2Nicolas v. Rensburg

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