– This article was already written 17 years ago in 1999 by the Paradise Post Editor –

davidDavid Brandt Berg, son of evangelist Virginia Brandt and Christian Minister Hjalmer Berg, was the founder of the international, inter-cultural missionary fellowship “The Family of the Children of God” Within 30 years, beginning in 1969–the year of the first walk on the moon–his personal little family of 6 grew into a worldwide movement of well over 14.000 full-time international missionaries!

His forefathers ministers of the Gospel for over 300 years, as well his father being a Christian minister and his mother a wellknown evangelist, David spent the first 30 years of his life helping and supporting his mother’s ministry as singer and driver. Already as a young boy, always in and out of churches, he had a feeling that there was something fundamentally wrong with the church system, in that it was not reaching the people who needed Jesus the most — the lost sinners in the world who wouldn’t even darken the door of the average church.

In 1968 he found his calling among the most spiritually destitute of all at that time—the hippies of Southern California. Together with his wife and four children, he helped, fed and led them to the love of Jesus. Many joined his “Teens for Christ” team, that turned into a movement later christened “The children of God.” Together they caused a worldwide wave of personal witnessing that thundered through the U.S., rushed into Europe and finally washed all over the rest of the World, “making disciples of all nations” in less than 20 years time.


As Isaiah was called the “noble prophet,” Jeremiah the “weeping prophet,” and Edgar Cayce the “sleeping prophet,” David Berg could appropriately be named the “dreaming prophet.” During his lifetime, mostly for the benefit of guiding the movement of his greater “Family”, Berg received many revelations and visions, but especially scores of inspired dreams, specifically concerning Last Days events and the tragic future fate of America! They are prophetic dreams about the future of the US and the rise of the Reactionary Right there, and also about the future 666 computer PIN chip-implants!

He also received revelatory visions of the Heavenly City New Jerusalem, and the European EURO currency long before these were developed. He had revelations about Bible Prophecy, concerning the future One World Government and many other related Endtime subjects mentioned in this Website. Most of the teachings and interpretations of the Book of Daniel and Revelation proposed in this encyclopedia, are based on Berg’s writings!

David ALWAYS believed in the POST-Tribulation Rapture, when most of the American Evilgelicals believed in an easy-way-out PRE-Tribulation Rapture from their holy churches. Ha! Not so! And are they ever going to be disappointed when he DOESN’t come then. They might get SO disappointed that like the 5 foolish virgins they go back to the system to BUY the oil for their lamps that have gone out. But at that moment – in the middle of the Last 7 years – the 666 Mark will begin, and so will they give up their faith and take the Mark?

Also most Americans were/are heavily deceived by their Illuminati Scofield Bibles to support that political entity that named itself “Israel” and stole the farms, water-wells, orchards, homes and lands of the original Palestinians! How fair and loving is that? Is that how they prove they are the ‘chosen people?” Jesus said in His word that the Kingdom of God will be given to a people bearing the FRUITS there of! How loving have the “Israelis” been to their neighbours?

Have they really been loving their neighbours? It is like unto the first commandment to love God will all your heart, mind, soul, power, AND – the second is like unto it – your neighbour as yourself! But to Scofield deceived Americans all that doesn’t matter. They don’t mind – in the hardness of their hearts – what happens to the Palestinians, many of whom are supposed to be their Christian family even. They somehow in their false doctrine explain all that away and visit the “holy land” praising the Lord, as if nothing evil ever happened! Oh ye blind leaders of the blind!

By the way Kent Hovind who believed PRE-Tribulation Rapture for years, in jail came to the final conclusion that indeed the Rapture will be AFTER the Tribulation! Well, better late than never. I guess. But look at how many millions were dceived in the meantime by that false doctrine. If they had only listened to the Children of God, they would have known. But no! America listened to Anderson Cooper and the other liars of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, WP, LA times, Panorama BBC, and all the other Judas Media that blackballed the Children of God as “child abusers” and “sex cultists“, whereas the REAL child abusers in elite pizza circles were raging across their nation even before the Franklin Affair during the Reagan years, and during every other presidency afterwards, where hundreds of thousands of children disappeared, got kidnapped like Johnny Gosh and others, and MANY MANY were served up as child sacrifices to Satan and his CULT in their govt, by their politicians and their media hirelings. But that didn’t and still doesn’t matter to them. No! America believed their media instead of the Bible! They didn’t watch and pray! Oh No! They watched CNN, that fake news spreader and that CIA spook Anderson Cooper who lied about the Children of God!
But you know what will happen to the liars, right? As Johnny Cash sang, “God is going to cut them down!”

As Jesus warned us all, “TAKE HEED HOW YE HEAR!!!” Ye may think that what you perceive is a lie, what may actually be the truth, OR you may believe a truth that is actually a lie! Every church, every political organisation, even the Police, have defectors who turn against their own former friends and colleagues, as Judas did to Jesus! Look at Kent Hovind at the moment. He is being persecuted by churchy American backsliders for marrying a new sexy bride, (because his wife divorced him) and now for being “a cult leader!” All these judgmental American “Christian” headhunters condemn him to death and eternal damnation for “adultery.” My God! He never even kissed her yet until he put a ring on her. That’s how churchy Kent is. But no matter. The Pharisees go after him too! Can you imagine what would happen if he preached free Love?? Woe! They’d kill him.

Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees! Ye swallowed murderous illegal wars based on lies and their millions of war victims, but ye choke on a gnat of sexual libertarianism. It is OK to kill one and a half million Iraqis for “Israel”, but if like Maurice Chevalier you sing, “Thank Heaven for leetul girls” you get hounded to death as child abusers or “a sex cult!” But they only did that to them, because they professed to be Christians, and because the media lied about them. Not a single courtcase – and there were many – convicted the Children of God as child abusers. But the Pharisees don’t believe that, of course! Do you? How about the Catholic Church!

If ye did it for the government, or for Las Vegas brothels, or in Hotel California, or on line with pornography, or go wild in your city at the local red light district, no one gives a damn, and newspapers and TVs don’t waste a word about it. They may even say that you are so cool to be an adulterer! But woe unto you if you are a Christian libertarian. Hide for the Pharisees coming after you, swinging axes.

Anyhow, my two cents here. No! I am not American! I am very thankful I am not. I wouldn’t want to live with the collective guilt of not standing up for righteousness and peace during all the wars that were waged for about a hundred years! After all, “Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS, for they shall be called THE CHILDREN OF GOD!”
And indeed they were! Did God make a mistake?? Here watch this atrocious video by the oppressed brainwashed children of those poor abused cult children of God!

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