Rasputin was he a hero or was he a heel?


How is it that those who give ear to, and yield themselves to be His mouthpieces, as Voices from Beyond, are almost always eventually resented by the moral majority and its leaders and usually get it in the neck for the trouble–their actual service to Mankind?

“Fox’s Book of Martyrs” is all about men and women who never hurt anyone, nor fought any wars, nor stole peoples property, nor committed any significant crime, who yet were persecuted, villified and eventually hounded and burned to death. Why is light and truth so resented in this dark foreboding world?

You heard the Voice from Beyond and you take all that trouble to come down from your mountainpeak to warn the valley people of impending disaster. Some take notice but most begin to hoot you down and throw stones.

If you could bend spoons, levitate in the air or change your face, or if you were a Tibetan Buddhist or Yogi, you would be praised sky high and welcomed in their market places or even entertained by kings! So where does the shoe pinch?

I guess that it’s for the same reason as why the little boy in the famous fairy tale “The Emperor has no clothes” was resented and muffled! He was innocent enough to voice the fact that the Emperor indeed had nothing on! Whereas the rest of the nobles, courtiers and populace was willing to go along with the lie of wicked tailors who had deceived the Emperor to think he’d be stupid if he confessed that he actually couldn’t see their “wonderful cloth!”

So as long as you go along with the system and don’t rock the boat, you can speak all the “truth” you want. But as soon as you start to pull off the covers and expose the rat in the woodpile, and discover the truth to others, than you are in deep doo doo!

RasputinProphetRussiaIt all depends who you are listening to. Look at Grigori Rasputin. He was considered a traitor by the nobles because he told the Czar to make peace with Germany. The Czar listened to the nobles instead. Rasputin was murdered by them. Russia lost the war. The German secret police and Western Bankers smuggled Lenin and his revolutionaries by sealed trainwagon into Russia.

The Romanovs and all the nobles eventually were liquidated by the Bolshewsiks and 80 million Russians and Ukrainians were massacred in the 70 consecutive years. Yet still today, the man who tried to help and warn them, is villified as the “mad monk“, demon possessed bastard that was always drunk, an adulterer that slept with too many women and the Czarina!

He stands accused by Hollywood, the surviving nobility, and the Communists, and the Orthodox church!

Yet as he was betrayed Rasputin said: “I see 70 years of gross darkness coming over Mother Russia!” So who was right in the long run anyway? Exactly!