“In the year that Saturn & Mars are equally fiery, the air is very dry, there’s a long meteor.
Of people & beasts shall be a horrible destruction, blood, thirst, famine, when the comet shall run!”


NostradamusMichel de Notre Dame, a Christian from Jewish descent, was born in 1502 in Southern France. He became a Doctor of Medecine, who had great succes in combatting the plague in France.
He received visions of the future which he wrote down in short poems called “quatrains”. Many people throughout history have been impressed by his accurate predictions, Kings and Queens like Catherine de Medici, Elizabeth I, as well as contemporary people like Orson Welles and many others.


He foresaw, among many other events, the French Revolution, the Great London Fire in 1666, the murders of the Kennedy’s and of the Russian Romanov Czar and family before the Russian Revolution, He foresaw the two World Wars and the Atom Bomb.

Nostradamus also deals with the end of the World and predicted 3 Antichrists in his world-famous quatrains. Scholars agree that his first Antichrist prediction was fulfilled in Napoleon and his second in Hitler! The third Antichrist—who is not yet revealed—would be the worst of all and lead the world to cataclysmic disaster and destruction. He would either be coming from Russia or “Greater Arabia”, or both? His predictions tie in very much with Biblical predictions about the AC!


“In the year that Saturn & Mars are equally fiery, the air is very dry, there’s a long meteor. Of people and beasts shall be a horrible destruction! Blood, thirst, famine, when the Comet shall run!”
“Distress from fire in the sky. There is a very great drought! Fish in the sea, river and lake, boiled, hectic! A great famine do I see drawing near, turning from one way to another and becoming universal. A famine so great and so long that man shall become a man-eater!”

It’s quite clear what Nostradamus saw when he wrote this. There is no misunderstanding here, as the description is very graphic. The question only is when! Is this going to take place when the world economy finally crashes? We will see! An interesting side fact is the massive slaughter that took place of B.S.E. infected cows in Europe and more recently over “Mad Cow disease!”
Will B.S.E. or “Mad Cow Disease” finally go global, as the W.H.O. predicts?


Nostradamus wrote about a fiery destruction of the “Great City!” He seems to foretell how the AC wages nuclear war against the “great new city”! This scenario is very similar to what the Bible calls the “great city Babylon the whore” in Revelation 17 & 18, which will be “destroyed by fire in one hour, on one day”!

He names the first nuclear target, a “great new city” at 45 degrees latitude. Experts agree that that could only mean… New York.

“The sky will burn at 45 degrees, fire approaching the great new city! By fire he will destroy their city, an inhuman cruel heart, cold! Blood will pour, mercy to none!”

Nostradamus is also said to have written of a feeble American response:

“The trumpet shakes with great discord. An Agreement broken! Lifting the face to Heaven, the bloody mouth will swim in blood. Overcome, the great nation is uncertain. Shortly before the sun, a battle is engaged. Then will come the great tumult, warfare on a greater scale than ever before! Explosions! There will be a great onslaught! There will be terror, terror, terror! Garden of the World, the New City in the way of the man-made mountains shall be seized on & plunged into ferment! From hidden fire, the great place burns with heat, a hot wind, war! The great city will soon be quite deserted, not a single one of the inhabitants will remain.”

Does Nostradamus suggest that “New York”—”Garden of the world”—with its skyscrapers—”man-made mountains”—will be the nuclear target of the AC? Nothing, the Prophet says, will keep the city from dying. And of course, in case of a nuclear attack on the US it will certainly burn with heat and a hot wind, and N.Y.C. will be quite deserted.
If you want to get a more or less accurate picture, see the movie “The Day After” or “Deep Impact!”
And could “from hidden fire” refer perhaps to a sneak attack by suitcase bombs for example? Time will tell!


“In the year 1999 & seven months, from the sky will come the great king of terror!
He will bring back to life the king of the Mongols. (Eastern Russia?) Before & after, war reigns.”
Wars led by a “great king of terror”—the third and last Antichrist according to Nostradamus — a leader so terrible, that he’ll bring the World face-to-face with final annihilation! This king, this warlord, Nostradamus says, will come “from the sky”! Does that mean “by air” or does it have a deeper meaning, that he will have a supernatural dimension to him?
And when? “In the year 1999 and seven months.” Towards the end of 1999, according to when you start counting the 7 months–From January or from the traditional first month April! OR, does it mean in the seventh month of 2000? Did we miss it? Or will we only later understand what he meant?

“Out of the country of Greater Arabia shall be born a strong master of Mohammedan law. This king will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He is one that shall cause the infernal gods of Hannibal to live again. He will be the terror of mankind, never more horror!”
“The great one of the East, by land, sea & air with a great army will cross with death. The kingdom of the church will be overcome by the sea. From Persia very nearly a million. From Persia, from Greater Arabia, from the Kingdom of Mohammed.”
“The Moorish law will be seen to fall, followed by another that is more pleasing. (Antichrist Law?) Boristanes will be the first to give way.”

Does this “Master of Mohammedan Law from the Moslem stock from Greater Arabia” who will “enter Europe wearing a blue turban” and this “Great one from the East who overcomes the “kingdom of the Church”, refer to the Biblical “False Prophet”? How he deceives the entire world to worship the Antichrist? And who creates a New World religion and attacks the traditional Fundamental Religions and Christianity–the “kingdom of the church?” [SEE ALSO: Dannion Brinkley’s NDE future Revelations!]

Or is this the invasion of Israel by the Antichrist, which the prophet Ezekiel prophesied about, where Israel is invaded by “Gog” the AC from Russia together with his allies: Ethiopia, Lybia, Iran, Turkey, Germany and the rest of Europe? See the Prophet Ezekiel Chapter 38!

There are millions of Arabs and over 750 million Muslims in the World, most of them in the Middle East. If the Antichrist is going to unite the religions, he is going to need some magical help to include Islam into His Global plans! And according to the Bible he will!