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Our old (& many new!) popular history articles are now posted at our 2nd blog See our homepage for more links! We are sorry for the inconvenience, but our old site with powerpoints, mp3-s, Endtime, and other directories, was cruelly closed on us, but are slowly being reposted! See below for some famous old links, or use our search function above to find old posts. Tks.

STARRY NEWS stands for…

Short but sweet
True, tested, tried & proven
Alternative, e.g. not Mainstream
Repressed, suppressed, secret, covered-up
Researched, (do your own research!) & smell-tested by info connaisseur Lu Xian Sheng
Your’s truly NEWS blog!

Please return often, so you get the latest Ancient History research, news and revelations, as well as a cornucopia of non-mainstream alternative news you do NOT get from your TV, “dumb”-phone, Facebook, Google News, CNN, NYT, BBC, Stern, Paris Match, TF1, RTL, ABC, MSNBC, SKY, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Frankfurter Algemeine, or any other fecal matter sheet or “news” outlet of masonic, zionist, neo-con, right- or left- state propaganda channel. And let’s not call them the elite,the creme de la creme, but the sour cheese soon to be deposed of! Our latest Ancient History research, is to be found under that link. Our motto is: Lets not be lazy! But DO OUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Don’t even just believe what we dish up. Make sure it is real sourced information with solid references, the right paradigm, untainted, and confirmed by genuine authorities, experts, and pundits, without a globalist agenda. Come by often to get a peek behind the curtain of mainstream media propaganda.

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